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Features & Benefits
 Easy access to both sides of the coil making maintenance on the coil easier. 
 Fully removable access doors on both sides of the housing.
 Coil connections protrude from the housing making installation easier.
 Housing constructed from G90 galvanized steel.
 Blank off plates secure the coil and maintain velocities.
 Easy bolt together modular design allows you to improve installation times, modules are smaller and lighter than standard all in one units.
 Coil tubes are .020 copper.
 Coil Rows (4).
 Fin are made from .0075 Aluminum.
 Casing, Galvanized Steel.
 Connections, 2.5 or 3.0" MPT Carbon Steel.
 Vents and drains are standard on all coils.

Chilled Water Coil Module

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