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From novel fruity flavours to unique labels, Noah's pours all their creativity into each and every bottle.  Starting at the farm and finishing in your bottle. Noah's are fanatical about choosing the best quality fruit and the finest squishing technologies to create whole fruit smoothies and juices. Unlike plastic, glass bottles are infinitely recyclable. No matter where you bin your bottle, many will end up back at the glass works to be recycled to make shiny new Noah’s bottles! And because their lids are sleek and slim, there’s less to be recycled. Happy days huh!

Essse Caffe

In 1979 the Segafredo family established the Essse Caffè brand in Bologna.
 It was no accident that Essse was spelled with a triple S, with the three S's standing for "Scienza, Sapienza, Specializzazione" (Science, Knowledge, Specialisation), the three values that sum up the company's philosophy, founded on experience and committed to innovation, and expressed through the consistency of the coffee blends and a constant quest for the best organoleptic properties.


The company mission has always been to deliver top quality products. Over the last thirty years Essse have become leaders in the coffee industry, with a knowledge base that ranges from fresh coffee beans to the coffee in your cup, from roasting to packaging, from professional equipment to espresso coffee-making.

Today, Essse Caffè is a successful brand, well-known in Italy and increasingly established abroad, an acknowledged guarantee for quality.


The founder Michael Rubin of Cappuccine, created the Original Cappuccine Frappe mix in 1991. Not satisfied with cold beverages served in coffeehouses, Michael saw untapped market potential for a super premium, powdered frappe mix for blenders. His motivation then, as it is now, was to capture the bold coffeehouse flavors of authentic mochas and lattes in a refreshing blended beverage. And the rest is history.

Today, these irresistible drinks could not be more popular and Cappuccine is leading the way with innovative flavor discoveries and an uncompromising passion for quality.

Rishi Tea

A Direct Trade importer of organic teas and botanicals from the very best sources. The teas and herbs are Organic Certified, grown without the use of agrichemicals like pesticides and fertilizers, are generally healthier for the environment, farmers, and tea drinkers alike. 

Lofoten Water

Lofoten Water is the winner of the Global Bottled Water Awards 2016, Winner: Best Natural Water Taste. Lofoten is a premium brand of bottled water from nature's paradise, the Lofoten Islands in north of Norway. 

The Lofoten source is the only water in the premium market with such high quality and purity before any filtering or distillation. This is proven by a TDS value below 30 measured over the last 10 years, making it one of the most stable sources of water on our precious planet.

In Lofoten one can still drink pure, unpolluted fresh water directly from mountain lakes like those living there thousands of years ago once did. The source of Lofoten Water is so pure that it is the only water on the premium market that does not require any filtering or distillation, while remaining high in quality and purity. It is one of the purest and best-tasting natural drinking waters in the world.


The Lurisia waters of both the Santa Barbara and the Pini spring are pure, healthy, light, perfect and safe. Pure because they come from the top of Monte Pigna – at 1416 mt. above sea level – from an uncontaminated environment, far from any possible source of pollution. Healthy because of Lurisia’s spa water and thanks to its natural qualities that make it good for living organisms. Due to the low sodium content they are healthy. They are light and the fixed residue content is amongst the lowest in Europe. They don’t weigh on the body or on the environment. Water that is so perfect that all we have to do is bottle it straight from the source just as it is. All we do is add a little natural carbon dioxide to make it fizzy. They are safe because they are tested several times a day in our laboratories.

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