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  • Cold plate (Camchiller) are designed to extend the cold holding time of your food.
  • Simply freeze flat overnight and place at the top of carrier. 



  • Hot plate (Camwarmer) are designed to extend the hot holding time of your food.
  • Place in a hot water bath for 40 minutes and place at the bottom of your carrier. 


 Adjustable Rail Kit for EPP4060FNR

  •  Stainless steel frames and 2 sets of rails are designed to offer the operator the flexibility to adjust and create custom spaces as needed in-between the rails.   


 Kits of Rails for EPP4060FPR1

  • Kits of 2 adjustable stainless steel rails can be purchased separately to transport more items within the same carrier.



  • Available to safely stack and transport multiple carriers at one time. 


 Plastic ID Labels

  • Easy identification colored menu labels assist operator with easy content identification and routing.

Cam GoBox® 4060 Accessories

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