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Do you need a hot holding cabinet but also sometimes wished you had an extra fridge? Don't have room or the resources to spend on both? Then consider the Camtherm cart. This unique cart is the only cart in the market that can literally transform itself from a hot holding cabinet into a fridge with the flip of a switch. Great for menus that require nicely chilled sandwiches and salads during the lunch rush and hot, home cooking for a more relaxed dinner. 


  • Use for expanding capacity in the kitchen or high-volume catering off-site.
  • Hot holding at 150ºF to 165º, Cold holding at 37ºF-keeping food out of the danger zone.
  • 48% more energy efficient compared to leading metal food holding cabinets.
  • Environmentally-friendly with no compressor,heating coil or humidifier needed.
  • Available in tall and low models, with hot only, or dual hot/cold capability.

Camtherm® Hot-Cold Holding Cabinets Tall

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