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The evaporative cooler module is designed to deliver cool and humidified air in regions with a hot dry climate. Units are designed for indoor or outdoor installation.

Packages are available in sizes that can handle up to 20,000 CFM. Units have a large access door on the side to provide access to all electrical components and to facilitate the removal of filters. Standard features include 12" thick Celdek media. Units consist of a galvanized enclosure with removable 12" media and pre-piped, pre-wired controls. Units are designed to work on standard water line pressure, and have a built in moisture control and temperature switch.


To satisfy a variety of installation and climatic requirements units can be joined together in conjunction with other modules, which include direct fired or indirect fired module and/or blower section. All modules bolt together to form a rigid common base structure that mount onto a single curb structure.

Operating Principals

On a call for cooling (when the outside air reaches a level above the built-in thermostat set-point), the internal solenoid is powered allowing water to flow through the manifold and out through discharge nozzles. Water leaving the nozzles saturates the face and top of the CELDEK media and eventually soaks the thickness of the 12" media. A timing circuit controls the flow of water to the media, thus optimizing the amount of moisture in the media at all times. While this is occurring, there is continuous airflow through the CELDEK media, absorbing the moisture in the media.

Benefits of this type of operation are the following:

  • No sump or re-cycling pump is required. Because of this, there is less bacterial build-up in the evaporative cooler and the air being delivered to the space is much healthier.
  • There is a continuous wash-down of the media to keep it flushed. This lengthens the life of the media and reduces service required. This keeps scaling and particle build-up minimized.
  • There is no sump drain-off required in the winter. Since there is no water reservoir, the concern about sump freezing is eliminated.
  • 12" thick Celdek media
  • Pre-wired and pre-piped
  • Utilizes standard waterline pressure
  • Moisture and temperature control
  • Drip-less nozzles
  • Pan overflow sensor

Celdek Evap Cooler

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