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Cloud-Based Building Management

CaptiveAire’s proprietary building management system gives users complete control over HVAC, lighting, refrigeration and utilities from any internet-connected location. CASLink is available on select CaptiveAire products and provides unlimited data storage and system monitoring with NO MONTHLY FEE.


Facility Monitoring from Any Location


Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

  • Supervise critical CORE Fire Protection System components
  • Control hood and fan operation
  • Manage settings to ensure hood is operating as designed
  • Save energy by preventing fans from operating overnight
  • Maximize energy savings



  • Manage all HVAC units through scheduling
  • Control set points remotely
  • Block or limit unwarranted changes to thermostat programming
  • Prevent unnecessary operation of equipment during unoccupied times



  • Manage up to eight lighting zones through scheduling
  • Autonomous lighting operation


Additional Monitoring

  • Building pressures
  • Indoor air quality (CO2)
  • Utilities
  • Health and safety items (refrigeration)


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