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Tonon’s Modular Shelving System has been designed for use in cold rooms in supermarkets, professional kitchens, restaurants, butchers and poultry shops, delis, delicatessens, cheese factories, pasta makers, pastries, etc…


It is also used in the food and catering industry where hygiene is a must, but also in non-food pantries, hospital laboratories and clean rooms.


Tonon’s Modular Shelving System are self-supporting and do not need to be secured to floors, walls, nor horizontal or diagonal.


The shelving can be mounted in a corner through the simple and rapid implementation of corner brackets instead of the frames, allowing full use of the space.


Frames structure: 20 micron anodized aluminum
Shelves: polyethylene FDA certified for direct contact with food.
Nuts and bolts: stainless steel.


6 Heights: 1550 – 1700 – 1850 – 2000 – 2150 – 2450 mm
5 Depths: 300 to 375 – 450 – 525 – 600 mm
Shelf modularity every 150 mm
22 Lengths: from 400 to 1975 mm (every 75 mm)


110 to 250 kg per shelf


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