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The PIRANHA Restaurant Wet Agent Fire Suppression system is a dual agent, pre-engineered, fixed, automatic fire extinguishing system developed specifically for improved fire protection of commercial restaurant cooking appliances, exhaust hoods and ducts.



The PIRANHA™ Restaurant Fire Suppression System is an automatic, pre-engineered, fixed, fire suppression system designed to protect the following areas associated with cooking equipment; ventilating equipment including hoods, ducts, plenums, and filters; fryers; griddles and range tops; upright, natural charcoal, or chain-type broilers; Electric, lava rock, mesquite or gas-radiant char-broilers and woks.

The system is suitable for use in restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, airports, and other similar facilities.


Use of the PIRANHA Restaurant system is limited to interior applications only. The regulated release and tank assemblies must be mounted in an area where the air temperature will not fall below 32°F (0°C) or exceed 130°F (54°C). The system must be designed and installed within the guidelines of the UL Listed Design, Installation, Recharge, and Maintenance Manual.


System Description

The basic system consists of an ANSUL AUTOMAN® regulated release assembly which includes a regulated release mechanism and a wet chemical storage tank housed within a single enclosure. The tank valve is designed to allow the wet chemical agent to discharge onto the hazard area first. Then, immediately following the agent discharge, the valve will automatically allow the water to flow through thepiping and out the system nozzles. Nozzle blow-off caps, detectors, cartridges, agent, fusible links, and pulley elbows are supplied in separate packages in the quantities needed for the fire suppression system arrangement.


When actuated, the system discharges a fixed amount of proprietary wet chemical agent followed by water through the same nozzles. Water is provided by a connection to the potable water supply. The water spray portion of the system is provided by a connection to the potable water supply or by means of a PIRANHA self-contained water tank. The system design for appliance protection under the hood allows the nozzles to be positioned uniformly from one end of the appliance line to the other. Most appliances under the hood can be protected in this overlapping manner, therefore, it is not necessary to protect each appliance individually. Appliances are free to be shifted around under the hood. The only exception to this overlapping type coverage are upright broilers, salamanders, and chain broilers.


Additional equipment includes remote manual pull station, mechanical and electrical gas valves, pressure switches, and electrical switches for automatic equipment and gas line shut-off. Accessories can be added such as alarms, warning lights, etc., to installations where required. The water supply piping includes a lockable valve (for domestic and sprinkler water supply only.)



  • Wet Chemical Agent
  • Agent Tank
  • Regulated Release Mechanism
  • Water Supply Tank (Self Contained Option)
  • Water Tank Expellant Gas Assembly (Self Contained Option)
  • Discharge Nozzles
  • Water Shutdown Device (Domestic and Sprinkler Water Supply Option Only)

Piranha Fire Suppression Systems

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