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Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)

  • Automatically modulates fans based on cooking load. Modulation allows for energy savings compared to fans running on high speed during cooking operation.
  • Max Airflow Override and real-time energy savings displayed
  • Preparation Time Function: Exhaust fans will automatically turn on at low CFM and lock-out dedicated make-up air. Designed for morning operation when light food preparation is being performed.
  • Cool Down Function: At the end of cooking operations, the exhaust fans will automatically turn down to a low CFM and lock-out dedicated make-up air. Designed for equipment cool-down period at the end of the night.
  • Wiring between VFDs and Control Board is simplified with the use of CAT-5


Advanced Digital Logic Controller & LCD Based Option Configuration

  • Allows for system flexibility and easy adjustment
  • Need to update a feature to meet local code? Simply activate the option via the LCD screen. No field rewiring needed.
  • Functionality to meet National and Local Codes built-in by default


LCD Based User Interface

  • Real-time status of fans, lights and electric gas valve
  • Provides audible alerts of failures or issues
  • Alarm notifications displayed in English text to improve installation quality
  • Robust screen to withstand commercial kitchen environment
  • Display of overload status for fan zone. If the overload trips, an alert notifies the operator immediately


Automatic Fan Activation

  • How it works: If the exhaust duct sensor detects a temperature rise of a fixed differential over kitchen space temperature, the fans will automatically turn on
  • System can run in the automatic mode to save energy, respond to cooking appliances and meet code
  • Improved response time versus traditional fixed temperature activation set point systems


Integrated Features

Integrated Electronic Gas Valve Reset Relay

  • Built-in reset relay included for all packages
  • External reset button and relay is no longer needed and installation is simplified


Plug & Play Switch Wiring

  • Field wired switches are now wired using a single
    CAT-5 cable
  • Low voltage wiring reduces installation cost
  • Reduced high voltage wiring between devices


Remote Monitoring and Control

  • Cloud-based monitoring of temperatures, fans, controllers, VFDs, energy usage, overloads and other faults where applicable
  • Remote overrides, scheduling and settings changes based on historical operational data
  • Email alerts for emergency conditions such as system faults and/or fans running during unoccupied times
  • 24/7 real time fire system status when used in conjunction with CORE Fire Systems

Standard Controls

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