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Designed to combine the lightness and portability with strength, with an aluminum construction with 4 wheels, brake and bumper resin.


The shelves are made up of plastic which is removable, with quick and easy cleaning, without those marks or stains easily found on steel INOX.


Its payload is 140 kg total uniformly distributed on the shelves (the scope has been defined by the strict German standards RWTÜV GS that allow the use of the truck even in critical side slope of up to 10% without tilting sideways).



ALUMINIUM: structure built with aluminum high strength, extruded raw materials for the initial melting (not recycled) and anodized 20 micron.

PLASTIC: is used in the production of special assembly, which for the composition of the shelves formed by removable elements of metallic gray color. This is of special high strength plastic with printed material for the initial melting (non-recycled), certified non-toxic, resistant to acid base, free from insediamentibatterici completely removable washable and cleanable second HACCP standards.

INOX: bolts and nuts are stainless steel.


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