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The general construction is double-walled with the sides of the double-layered flushing chamber. The door is double-walled. The tub has the bottom drained and is equipped with a full width full-width filter that, due to its large passage area, is virtually unmanageable. The washing chamber is free from internal piping and sharp edges.

The user interface is easy to use, complete and reliable, integrates four soft touch keys and a 4-character LED display plus two side marker bars. Appropriate color combinations and graphic signs allow you to quickly identify the state of the dishwasher and the progress of the washing cycle. In addition to displaying operating parameters such as bathtub and boiler temperatures or the number of cycles performed, the indications provided by the automatic diagnosis system are shown. Information is provided through codes, texts, or through colors and graphic indicators. 

You can adjust the bathtub and boiler temperatures, the dosage of the detergent and the rinse aid, and, by our specialized technicians, all the operating parameters.


Max glass height: 325 mm

Dimensions: 500 x 500 mm

Max plate height: 365 mm

Useful light: 365 mm

Underground Dishwasher - IsyTech 36

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