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One connection for all your utility needs


The CaptiveAire Utility Distribution System (UDS) is designed to meet all electrical and plumbing requirements for your kitchen appliances. A two compartment raceway houses the plumbing and electrical connections needed to meet your specific application.


Available Models

  • UDI: Island configuration with equipment connections on both sides
  • UDW: Wall mounted with equipment connections on one side only


Key Advantages

The Utility Distribution System allows greater flexibility over conventional utility connections and offers a cost-effective way to replace the custom designed wall built by contractors. Additional capacity for new equipment is provided with spare connection points built into the unit. Adding or changing equipment requires minimal effort.

  • Electrical Riser: Main power connection is made to the main circuit breaker which has a shunt trip and is mounted in the electrical riser.
  • Bus bar systems: Electrical power is fed through the main circuit breaker to the bus bar system in the raceway. Each appliance is fed from the bus bar through individually sized circuit breakers located along the raceway.
  • Wireway systems: Electrical power is fed through a main circuit breaker to a distribution panel which contains individual branch breakers. Each appliance is fed from the individual breakers which are wired to each receptacle located along the raceway.
  • Plumbing Riser: The plumbing riser houses manual (quarter-turn) shut-off valves for each incoming main supply line located in the UDS. The plumbing manifolds are provided with stub-outs along the raceway for the individual plumbing connections. Each stub-out is equipped with a manual (quarter-turn) shut-off valve.


Product Features

  • Expandability: All plumbing manifolds are provided with multiple plumbing stubs for future use. All electrical systems are designed for additional capacity for future expansion or upgrade of connected appliances.
  • Bus Bar Systems: Individual circuit breakers mounted on interchangeable plates for ease of service and relocation.
  • Wireway: Electrical distribution panel located in the riser is equipped with branch circuit breakers and sized for expansion.
  • Serviceability and Accessibility: Lift out doors provide easy access to risers without moving cooking equipment. Removable panels provided along the length of the raceway allow access to either plumbing or electrical compartments.
  • Electric Outlook and Cord Sets: All outlets are provided with moisture resistant covers and have been sized per NEMA standards. Each is supplied with a matching cord and plug set if these are not already supplied by the equipment manufacturer. Twist-lock sets are standard with the model UDI. Straight blade sets are standard with the model UDW.
  • Main Disconnect: One point disconnect through a main circuit breaker equipped with a 120 VAC rated shunt trip provided in the riser.
  • Gas Solenoid Valve: Electrical or Mechanical. Electrical valves provided with a manual reset button.
  • Shunt Trip: Provided with each main breaker.
  • Appliance Protection: Each electrical outlet connection is protected with an individual circuit breaker.
  • Dual Convenience Outlets: Located at each riser with integral ground fault protection.
  • Fire/Fuel Shutoff: In compliance with NFPA 96, terminal connection points provided for field wiring to the fire protection system to shut off fuel sources and power in the event of a fire.
  • CAD: Customized CAD Drawings Provided

Utility Distribution System

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